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Samhain-kitty : An Update for Neglected Readers

And let me tell you, I understand neglect.  She says it’ll get better after the book launch. Yeah, like we haven’t all heard that one before!

So, speaking of the book launch, writer-person would probably like me to let you know that you can pre-order Raven’s Heart here. Her editor thinks it may be the best book of the series so far.  I have to agree–it has the most ‘screen time’ devoted to a cat of any of her novels.  Could be more still, but definitely she’s moving in the right direction.  So let’s encourage her with lots of pre-orders, OK?

Here’s some of the stuff she was getting up to while she was neglecting us:

(in no particular order)

A podcast interview and reading from her novel Where Light Meets Shadow.

A fiction snippet from the Ravensblood universe, set just after Ravernsblood and a good bit before Raven’s Wing. Readers get to see the awkward beginning when Raven and Cassandra try to put their relationship back together after mutual betrayals and years of separation, followed by the tumultuous events of the first book.

A Boosting the Signal piece for the Here Be Magic anthology: Raven’s thoughts just before the beginning of Raven’s Song.

With the other 7 authors, talking about the best-selling Here Be Magic anthology.

Interviewed on the blog of fellow author E. M. Prazeman.

And, finally, a slightly updated version of her post on attractive villains, also appearing on the blog of E. M. Prazeman.

So you can see how precious little time she has had for her poor kitty!  And then she goes off gallivanting with her musician friends, leaving a poor, unappreciated cat with no company but a laptop.