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Valentine’s Day Special Feature– A Letter Raven Never Sent from Australia

I ran this originally as part of last year’s Here Be Magic Valentine’s Day celebration. But for those of you who missed it (or who want to read it again and forgot to bookmark it), this is the letter that Raven never sent from Australia during the events of Raven’s Wing.


My dearest Cassandra,
I never thought it possible to miss someone so much that it became a physical pain. It is, perhaps, one of the reasons I yielded when you refused to renounce me, though I know I could drive you away if I truly wanted to. The truth is, I could not bear it, even though it is in your best interests. I love you, and in that love I am far more selfish than ever I was in my days as a soulless dark mage.
I love you. Though I do not say it often, I trust that you know me well enough to know that it is simple truth. Even though I will never post this letter, with its ridiculous, maudlin sentiment.
I know that you have not given up on a life together, and your hope keeps me sane even when I cannot share it.
If I do not speak the words, it is only because I find them inadequate.

Love forever,
Your Raven.

Book Launch Events

So excited!  The third book in my award-winning Raven’s Heart series is launching Saturday, 2/6! And there’s going to be not one , but two
book launch parties!


The live party will be at Fanno Creek Brewpub because we all had such a great time there on the last two launches. (Note the time change. The party will be from 7-9 rather than 6-8).
Details of live event: Saturday, February 6, from 7-9 PM

Fanno Creek Brew Pub 12562 SW Main St, Tigard, Oregon 97223

The last two were so much fun. we’re doing another one! Local author Shawna Reppert will be reading from Raven’s Heart, the newest novel in her award-winning Ravensblood series! Urban fantasy set in an alternate-universe version of the Pacific Northwest!

Book signing! Meet the author! Free raffle for great door prizes! Plus live Irish trad/classical fusion tunes from Otter Crossing Music!

No-host bar and food. Fanno Creek is once again giving us the use of their meeting room for free, so please patronize them. (Plus it’s tasty pub food at good prices.)

Note this is a public event, so bring anyone you want and let all your friends know!

Link to the online party: Again, this is open to all, so spread the word! There will also be fun games and prizes, including copies of my books and books from other fantasy authors, and an Android HD tablet! Amazon best-selling urban fantasy author R L King will be dropping in sometime in the first half of the party. Authors Angela Korra’ti and E. M. Prazeman will keep things lively during the hours when the online party overlaps with the ‘live’ version.

Hope you will join me at one or both events!