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Orycon Shedule and Special

Schedule for Shawna Reppert
Orycon 39
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 I will also be at the NIWA Meet -and-Greet on Saturday at 11 AM and will drop in at the NIWA party Saturday night. There will be signed copies of my books for sale at the NIWA table in the dealer’s room. Hope to see you there! (For those who can’t go to the con, or even if you can, check out Amazon for a week-long  $.99 sale on the Ravensblood boxed set beginning 11/16 at 8 AM Pacific!
Short Stories that Promote Your Work Pendleton Fri Nov 17 12:00pm-1:00pm Some authors write short stories to promote their work by introducing their setting, a backstory for a character, or some other device. What works and doesn’t work, and how to develop short story ideas that will entice readers to the rest of your books while maintaining enough of a standalone feeling to attract editors that acquire short fiction. Shawna Reppert, David Levine, Elton Elliott, Ann Gimpel, Mary Rosenblum
Endings: Cuddling with the Reader Pendleton Fri Nov 17 3:00pm-4:00pm You’ve just blown your reader’s mind with your story’s climax. Make sure they’ll come back for more–give them a good denouement! Irene Radford, Dale Ivan Smith, Esther Jones, Ann Gimpel, Leigh Goodison, Shawna Reppert
Fantasy as Political Allegory Pendleton Fri Nov 17 9:00pm-10:00pm We live in “interesting times” for sure. How does the Fantasy genre speak to current events? The Vorkosigan series, The Others series by Anne Bishop, and the Discworld books of course. What else? K.G. (Karen) Anderson, Marshall Ryan Maresca, Craig English, Shawna Reppert
Backstory: Too Much, Too Little, Just Right Pendleton Sat Nov 18 4:00pm-5:00pm What to use, what to lose, and how to deliver a great backstory without losing the readers that want to read about the here and now right now. Shawna Reppert, Kristin Landon, Mary Rosenblum, Randy Henderson, Sheila Finch
Ghost in the Vegan Bar Lion Kings Den – 266 Sat Nov 18 8:00pm-9:00pm The Pacific Northwest is known for our haunted spots. Where are they? What are their stories? Where is the “proof”? Tori Centanni, Shawna Reppert, K. M. Alexander
How to Write a Series Pendleton Sun Nov 19 12:00pm-1:00pm Where to start, and how long of a series you can (or should?) write. How to make it interesting, different, and hopefully successful, and stay in love with it. John A Pitts, Randy Henderson, David Levine, Shawna Reppert, Sheila Simonson, Dean Wells

Samhain Greetings from Samhain-kitty

Samhain-kitty hopes everyone is enjoying 'her" holiday.

Posted by Shawna Reppert on Dienstag, 31. Oktober 2017

Greetings, neglected readers, from a fellow-sufferer. Would you believe that writer-person went out to hear Irish music and left me all alone on *my* holiday? So I guess it falls to me to call your attention to a cool list of spooky seasonal books in the fantasy, steampunk and paranormal genres, plus a chance to win e-books, print books, and a $70 Amazon gift certificate. Check it out!

Also, while you’ve got your spooky on, I have to admit A Hunt by Moonlight, writer-person’s dark and atmospheric gaslamp fantasy, isn’t bad. Not enough felis catus and too much canis lupus, IMHO, but it’s otherwise a good start to her Werewolves and Gaslight Mysteries. (Don’t tell her I said so)