Free advice from people who know far more than I do

Some free writer’s online resources I highly recommend: Continue reading

Seducing the Muse (Part Two)


Many writers listen to music when they write.  The choice, of course, varies with the individual.  Some people prefer soothing, classical music in the background.  Others like the quick tempo of some celtc or the hard–driving beat of rock.
One thing that has worked well for me on occassion was to match the mood of the music to the mood I was trying to create in a given scene.  (I’m particularly fond of the William Tell Overture for action scenes.)  Another technique is to play the music that your character would listen to.  Just figuring out your character’s musical preferences can be a great way to get inside a character’s head. Continue reading

Book on Writing I Wish I’d Had Ten Years Ago

*Manuscript Makover: Revision Techniques No Fiction Writer Can Afford to Ignore* by Elizabeth Lyon

My new favorite book-on-writing.  Really, the name says it all.  I’d actually recommend practicing some of the suggestions under the ‘Style’ section in the pre-writing or early daft stage, rather than waiting for semi-final and final draft stage. Continue reading