The Three Tunes

three_500Three stories about the power of music. Three musicians whose lives are forever changed by three very different supernatural beings.

The Devil Went Down to Reichenbach– How Sherlock Holmes really survived Reichenbach Falls.

Coyote’s Tune– A burned-out Irish traditional flute player rediscovers the joy in music– with a little help from Coyote.

 Wild Music– a harpist discovers that succeeding at her art requires more than just hard work and determination.

What readers are saying:
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“I got this for my Kindle on a whim–and am so very glad I did. The basic tales are familiar but the telling is fresh, the writing lyrical, and each one touched my emotions. Fans of Charles de Lint will enjoy Shawna Reppert’s prose; the highest compliment I can pay to any author! “

“I really like the music themes in these three stories, as well as the magic and surprising twists to the endings. Hard to say more without spoilers, but you can’t go wrong on these!”

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