We Don’t Serve Your Kind

dontserve_500A story of hatred, friendship and fairies. 

A fairy walks into a bar. Paddy of Paddy’s Shamrock Shores suspects things will never be the same. But for good or ill? After all, his first and last encounter with the fay did not go well.

What readers are saying:
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“This delightful tale was read in one sitting and I thoroughly enjoyed it. While it is superficially amusing and playful, it is also thought provoking. Without any “spoilers” it brings one back to the philosophical question of who benefits most from a kind deed, the giver or the receiver?

I was reminded of the expression “spread a little happiness” which it did and I am really pleased I read it. I shall look forward to more and longer works by this author.”

“There are only three characters, yet they are so well developed that they strongly carry the story all the way to a satisfying ending. Their travails are believable and they exhibit depth and emotional growth, and I’ve developed a fondness for them, so I have the same complaint others did: I wanted it to continue beyond the end, and hope the author publishes more stories involving these characters. I picked this up on a free introductory offer, and it was a wise decision on the part of the author, because I will certainly return for more!”

“I genuinely enjoyed this story; although I didn’t much like the main character at the beginning because of his attitude, it was wonderful to see how he grew. Very believable handling–and now that I’ve become invested in the characters, I hope that there are more stories (or a novel) in their future!”

“I really enjoyed this story. I found the characters believable and true. The only problem I had was that it left me wanting more. I was smiling when the story ended and I was happy with the tale the way it was told but I became attached to the characters and would like to see more of them.”

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