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Fabulous review!

Fabulous review!

Published July 16, 2013 | By Shawna

Samhain-kitty here. Writer-person is off muttering something about Kickstarter. Not sure what that’s all about. . .I’m hoping she isn’t thinking about spending my kitty-crunchie money on a motorcycle!

Anyway, in lieu of a blog, I thought I’d post a link to an excellent review of The Stolen Luck. The reviewer called it “. . .one of the most thoughtful, well-characterized novels I’ve read in a long time.” Writer-person really liked this review because she felt the reviewer really ‘got’ the book. Not to mention that she glossed over the book’s major flaw, that is to say, the miniscule amount of wordage devoted to cats. Anyway, check out the full review here:

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