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Kickstarter started– join the magic

Kickstarter started– join the magic

Published July 30, 2013 | By Shawna

Ravensblood is one of the best things I’ve ever written. . .and I’m not the only one who thinks so. One of my preliminary readers lives in France, and she got on a plane to come visit me and take the Ravensblood tour of Portland! For those of you who haven’t heard me talk about this before, here is the burb:

In a life of impossible choices when sometimes death magic is the lesser of the evils, can a dark mage save the world and his own soul?

Ravensblood is an urban fantasy set in an alternate version of Portland, OR.

Corwyn Ravenscroft—Raven— is the last heir of an ancient family of dark mages. He holds the secret to recreating the Ravensblood, a legendary magical artifact of immense power. As a youth, Raven wanted to be a Guardian—magical law enforcement for the elected council, but was rejected because of his ancestry. In his pride and his anger, he turned to William, the darkest and most powerful mage of their time. William wants a return to the old ways, where the most powerful mage was ruler absolute. But William would not be a True King from the fairy tales. He would reign in blood and terror and darkest magic.

Raven discovers that he does have a conscience. It’s rather inconvenient.

He becomes a spy for the elected council that William wants to overthrow. His contact, Cassandra, is a former apprentice—and a former lover. She had been doing everything she could to live down her past with him. The ambiguous and contradictory feelings between them only add a level of complication.

Cass and Raven think they have a plan to trap William outside his warded sanctuary, where he is most vulnerable. But William is one step ahead of the game, with Raven’s life, his soul, and the Ravensblood all at stake.

Stay tuned for sample chapters at this website! Please pledge if you can, and whether or not you can afford to pledge please help spread the word!

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