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Samhain-kitty Checking In

Samhain-kitty Checking In

Published May 11, 2015 | By Shawna

OK, the writer-person actually has somewhat of an excuse this time for ignoring the blog.  After much stressful back-and-forth, she and The Wild Rose Press have parted ways due to irreconcilable editorial differences.  I, for one, applaud her cat-like pride and independence.

Still, that means she is now scrambling with the business of getting Where Light Meets Shadow out as an indie release, leaving her precious little time for other important things, like her cat and her blog.

So I’m stepping in on her old back-up laptop to tell you some of the things she has in store for you.

There will be, someday soonish, a post on the holidays of the Ravensblood universe and another post or two about real-world locations that match up with locations in that series.

The Astoria segment of the Cool Stuff blog series has not been forgotten. . .at least, it better not have been, as she abandoned her cat for three whole days to hang with friends and get the material for that particular blog.

Also, there will be a Special Guest Cool Stuff blog around Memorial Day.  Local web -content writer and photographer Jocelyn S. Mackie will be sharing what she knows about cool old cemeteries in the area.  (I like Jocelyn, even if she does kidnap my writer-person for occasional expeditions.  She is, after all, a cat person, and that makes up for a lot.)

Also, look for more info on Where Light Meets Shadow in social media and on the website soon.  Release date is August 8th, and yes, there will be a party.  With music.  To which her long-suffering cat will not be invited.


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