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The TARDIS ROOM– pub review

Published March 6, 2014 | By Shawna

So, went to the TARDIS Room in Portland, OR last night. It’s a part of a British-style pub known as the Fish and Chips Shop and devoted, as you might guess from the name, to all things Doctor Who.

Imagine if some teenage geek somehow got a liquor license and opened a pub in his parents’ garage, decorating it with his most cherished Whovian memorabilia. But I don’t mean that in a bad way.

This place is *fun*. Posters, cardboard stand-ups of the Doctor and a Dalek, Bad Wolf sprayed in appropriate graffiti-style on a wall. Clearly born out of sincere love. And having done a stint as a failed espresso-shop owner, I can understand not having the cash flow to do all you wish to do.

The staff is low-key, friendly, and genuine. Our waiter was attentive enough without hovering in silent pressure to order more.

Yes, the specialty drinks were on the pricy side, but very good, provided you like things sweet (as I do.) My friend and I sampled the 10th and 11th Doctors’ Sonic Screwdrivers. If I wanted to nit-pick, I could comment that they weren’t in Doctor Who tumblers as promised and only had one maraschino cherry apiece, rather than the promised two. Oh, well. Our worlds didn’t end.

I’m not a fan of beer, but my friend is a connoisseur and approved of what was on tap.

Other on-line reviewers have complained about the food prices, but I thought they were pretty much in line with other pubs, and you get a lot for the money. My friend couldn’t finish her fish-and-chips plate; my burger (done just as requested) left me very full.

Be aware that the Tuesday night trivia now alternates between Doctor Who and other shows. It was Sherlock, season one, episode one last night. Contest was fun and there was much laughter and camaraderie from fellow geeks at all the tables (If you go on trivia night, I recommend you go early-ish to get a good table. ) Host suggested if you didn’t know the answer, to put something down anyway, and granted points for wrong answers that made him laugh. You also get extra points in the contest for every team member wearing appropriate-to-the-show memorabilia.

Parking is on-street and can be tricky, but we found a spot literally just around the corner. If you are like me and organize your life around not having to parallel park, do what I did and get someone else to drive. It’s more fun with a friend, anyway.

If you’re looking for fancy, either in atmosphere or in food, give it a pass. But if you need a good dose of geekery in-between cons, I highly recommend.

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