Ravensblood Series



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In an alternate Pacific Northwest, a dark mage seeking redemption struggles with impossible choices where death magic may be the lesser of the evils.


In order to return to society, Raven must secretly work to help the Guardians bring down his deadly master William, the most powerful mage of their time. His only contact is Cassandra, Guardian and former lover and the apprentice whom he once betrayed. Together, they come up with a desperate plan to defeat William. But William is one step ahead of the game. At stake are Raven’s life, his soul, and the powerful Ravensblood that can give William all!


First in an award-winning urban fantasy series by a best-selling author!

Raven's Heart

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The reformed dark mage Corwyn Ravenscroft, Raven, has finally found his place in the world. He has a fiancé, friends, and meaningful work. Yet a shadow hangs over everything. His former master, the darkest and most powerful mage of their time, the man he betrayed, the man he thought he had killed, still lives. William is determined to destroy everyone and everything Raven ever loved.


Will Raven find a way to defeat him, once and for all? Or will he see the life he has built crumble around him as William rises once again to threaten the Three Communities, perhaps even the world?


The much-awaited third book in the award-winning Ravensblood series! Urban fantasy set in an alternate-universe version of the Pacific Northwest!

Raven's Wing

Raven's Wing cover - Kindle front cover

Raven struggled to escape the world of dark magic he’d committed to as a bitter young man. Now he must come to terms with both his past and his ancestry. What will be his place in the Three Communities? When he finds himself on the run, trying to find the stolen Ravensblood, the task grows much harder. He must protect the people he has come to care about from the danger of this powerful artifact in the wrong hands, and at the same time prove he is not the thief!


Second in an award-winning urban fantasy series by a best-selling author!

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Raven's Vow

With his murderous former mentor dead, reformed dark mage Corwyn Ravenscroft is looking forward to a brighter future with Cassandra and their new son. But when a mysterious killer stalks their friends and associates, Raven realizes that he may not be the only one among their social circle with a dark past.


Fourth in an award-winning urban fantasy series by a best-selling author!

Short Fiction

Duet for Ravens

Two short stories in the Ravensblood universe. Preservation in Time of War-- at the end of the Mage Wars, a disillusioned Guardian saves one precious thing from the destruction of a dark mage's home. Unkindness of Ravens-- a tale of apprenticeship, love and betrayal. Plus a special bonus-- the first three chapters of the novel Ravensblood!

Raven's Song

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Can a reformed dark mage save an opera star from a deadly stalker? This novella is, if you will, Ravensblood 1.5, set between Ravensblood and Raven's Wing. These urban fantasies are set in an alternate-universe version of the Pacific Northwest, a world of impossible choices where sometimes death magic is the lesser of the evils. Raven's pardon and return still feel very new to him, and his attempts to find his footing again in the Three Communities are both helped and hindered by a GII agent who neither likes nor trusts him, but still needs his help.


This novella was originally published as part of Here Be Magic, a multi-author anthology which is no longer available for sale.