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Winner - Epic's eBook Awards


The Stolen Luck - Winner of 2014 'Eppie'  for Fantasy Romance Award


Gold - Global Ebook Awards

Ravensblood - Winner of 2014 Contempory Fantasy Award

Raven's Wing - Winner of 2015 Contemporary Fantasy Award

Raven's Heart = Winner of 2016 Contemporary Fantasy Award

Silver - Global Ebook Awards


The Stolen Luck - Winner of 2013 Other World Fantasy Award

Where Light Meets Shadow - Winner of 2016 Other World Fantasy Award

A Hunt by Moolight - Winner of 2017 Historical Fantasy Award



. . . Ms. Reppert is an expert at creating damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don’t situations that tax relationships and personalities to the exploding point. Complication piles on complication, with the freedom of the nation’s population at stake. We become involved with characters with believable goals and ideals, placed in dire but believable circumstances where we really care whether they win (survive) or not. The suspense is palpable.
The whole thing piles up to an ending that, despite all the author’s careful hints and preparation, still knocks our socks off.. . .


—Book blogger Gordon A. Long

. . The setting, the magical rules, and the world building are impeccable, the plot is clever and suspenseful, and all the characters are well-drawn and interesting . . . The reader is dumped right into the middle of the action and expected to keep up, and that gives the book a sense of immediacy. The stakes are high and very personal. . ..


—Review site “Smart Bitches, Trashy Books”

Couldn’t put it down. . . The writing style reminded me of early Andre Norton (my all time favorite author) and Andre’s books had the same effect – one becomes engaged in the plot and characters, and the settings have enough color so that your mind can picture the scenes. Hoping for a sequel! Or several…


--Amazon reader review

In a Dark and Alternate Portland Author Shawna Reppert has created a multi-layered alternate Portland. You will recognize the streets and the weather, but there the similarity ends. Magic abounds, but it is so entirely believable, the reader soon forgets it's magic. In fact, the magic is just the context for a superb study of psychology and motivation. Reppert's characters are so exquisitely drawn and emotionally complex that the reader begins to care deeply about them. We become immersed in their world--fearing what they fear, hoping what they hope, loving what they love. What would have been only another urban fantasy novel in the hands of a lesser writer, Reppert has elevated to the status of literature. She reminds me why I love to read really good fiction..


—Amazon reader review

I am eagerly awaiting a sequel. . . After hearing Shawna was writing an urban fantasy set in my hometown of Portland Oregon, I was all behind that! Having loved “We Don’t Serve Your Kind” I really looked forward to what she could do with a darker tale. I love urban fantasy and this tale of striving for redemption, of trying to find one’s way back into society does not disappoint.


–Amazon reader review

Engaging characters, fast-paced read. Shawna Reppert has created a vivid world that is similar enough to our own to be familiar, and different enough to answer the question of what our world would be like if magic and magic-users had played a significant role in shaping our history and culture.
Corwyn Ravenscroft becomes a protagonist that you want to root for, in spite of his initial apparent lack of compassion. When the narration is from his point of view, it's clear that he believes himself to be irrevocably evil and without a soul. Almost everyone else around him agrees, which should make it hard to like the guy. However, I found myself looking for and finding the person his former teacher Ana sees in him. The story of his journey from unapologetic dark mage to self-preserving spy to friend of the light, as he battles the demons within and around him, is engaging and believable.
William is a terrifying antagonist - not just because he truly is evil, but because you get to see him through Raven's eyes, and Raven has a great deal of respect for him. That changes as the story progresses, but it adds to the emotional conflict and makes you wonder if you might be able to sympathize with William, just a little. Until he commits the next gruesome crime and reminds you just how off the rails he is. . .
Ravensblood's pace is fast enough to keep you hooked, while still providing a level of detail that is often overlooked in this genre. This is my second time reading this series, and I'm reminded why I loved it so much the first time.


—Amazon reader review

Ravensblood. . . Excellent read! It calls to you when you have to put it down, like the magic inside. . . .well written and with unsuspected turns. The characters are deep and the world is thought through. A very good ending. I can’t wait to read the sequel!


—Amazon reader review

Raven's Wing

“While the Ravensblood is the device that powers each plot, both books’ greatest strength lies in the complex characters of their two protagonists. . .Bottom line? I’d give Raven’s Wing five stars and look forward to the rest of the series. If you like a dark, character-driven fantasy with a strong romantic theme, this series is for you.” 


—Review by author Barb Taub

” I enjoyed the story a great deal. Reppert is a skilled writer with a great feel for dialog, emotional interactions . . . and worldbuilding. The world of the Three Communities and its people felt real for me, and I was disappointed when I had to leave it at the end of the book. I’m looking forward to the next one, which promises, based on the end of this one, to be big indeed. That, and I want to see more of Raven.”


–Review by Amazon best-selling author R. L. King

“As one learns to expect from Ms. Reppert, this book abounds with entertaining characters, tight suspense, and enough steam to satisfy diehard Romance readers. ”


— Review by book blogger Gordon A. Long

“Basically, the drama increases and the suspense with it. Lives are on the line, Raven’s and Cass’s specifically. Raven has to learn that he’s more than the bad guy with a conscience. He really grows into himself and becomes even more of an awesome hero to match his stubborn heroine.”


–Review by book blogger Loren Weaver

“Stayed up late last night to finish this. Sequel to the excellent Ravensblood. I was a little surprised that two years have passed since the end of book one. Cass & Raven have had time to settle into a relationship and Cass into her new job at Guardian International–which makes things more painful when the Ravensblood is stolen and Raven quickly becomes the chief suspect. Raven’s character is a large part of why I’m enjoying this series so much: difficult childhood, past life as a dark mage, aristocratic upbringing. Raised to be rational, he is uncomfortable expressing his feelings–yet nonetheless cares deeply for Cass.
Fave scene: the pink rabbit of course.”


–Review by author Nicole Luiken


Raven's Heart

This dark urban fantasy does authentically focus on its character-driven plot which . . . builds with each page until you are racing with the characters to their final confrontation.. . . The ultimate conflict isn’t whether Raven will or will not be a match for William—enemy, father-figure, and friend—but whether the dark mage in recovery can resist evil, his drug of choice. . .Shawna Reppert earns every one of her five stars in Raven’s Heart—and then some. If you haven’t read the first two books in this series, you are so lucky! You get to read the whole story without having to wait two more years like the rest of us. My advice is to get all three and make sure you don’t have any pressing commitments (weddings, births, Walking Dead marathons…) before you get started.

–From a 5-star review by author Barb Taub

The interesting part of the story is that Ravenscroft, now looking for a kinder, gentler and less lonely life, comes up against the disadvantages of the empathy he develops. His relationship with Adam, the son of the insane Eric, is complex and touching, and provides the deepest character portrayal in the book. It also sets the scene for his final confrontation with William. As usual in a Reppert story, the personal, interpersonal, and external conflicts are tightly woven together. Thus when any one of them gets out of balance, the whole thing begins to unravel, providing great conflict and suspense.


-–From a review by book blogger Gordon A Long

One thing I’m a sucker for is stories that take characters I like and get them out of their comfort zones, because it’s fun to watch them squirm. In Raven’s Heart, the powerful and (usually) self-assured mage Raven is challenged by not one but two unwelcome interlopers: a stray kitten and a teenaged boy he’s trying to save from a dire fate. As if these weren’t enough, William is back and gearing up to cause a lot of trouble again. Raven’s power, ingenuity, and loyalty to his friends are all tested to their utmost as he heads toward a showdown with his old master, a man he hates passionately, but still feels an odd kinship with. . .All the bits I liked in the previous two books are here: Raven is his cool and charming self, his relationship with Cassandra is strong as ever, and he continues to learn to trust and accept others who care about him. It’s got heartbreak (seriously–I got pretty misty at one character’s death), moments of humor, and the emotional connections I come to expect from this series.


-–From a 5-star review by best-selling author R L King

Raven’s Heart had me from the first paragraph. I was simply captivated by the non stop sequence of events. I would not even begin to read this book if you do not enjoy being so wrapped up in a story that you cannot put the book down.


—Amazon reader review

I give RAVEN’S HEART five stars for great character growth and development, lots of danger and action, and a satisfying ending.


-–review from Books That Hook

Raven's Vow

When’s the next book coming out!!!??? Okay, I have to admit I'm obsessed with Raven (aka Corwyn) as a character. The author has created a compelling anti-hero that will keep me sucked into this series for as long as she cares to continue to write them. This new installment reveals a Raven that believes that he's past the worst of his trials, and in many ways that's true, but when a challenge and pressure is applied, once again he finds himself on uncertain ground. It's a fascinating study in coping mechanisms, judgement, blame and redemption, and of course there's sparkling dialogue and an intense series of crimes that kept me guessing. I was also treated to a new pov that I absolutely love, weaving past into the present in a delightful way that made the world of the Ravensblood series feel as convincing as the real world. It's going to be hard to wait for the next installment.


— review by author Kamila Miller (E. M. Prazeman)

An excellent addition to the series. Worth the wait. A very enjoyable follow on to the three Ravensblood books. The world of magic follows from the first three books but the story is fresh so readers of the other volumes will not feel that this is a repeat of the previous stories. Any of the first three books would stand as a good story on its own, however I think the most enjoyment would come to those who read them in order. This adventure takes place some time after the events in the first three volumes and can easily be read without any knowledge from the earlier books. Shawna has the ability to balance details allowing the reader to visualize a scene and keep a pace making you want to turn the page – and sometimes stay up too late reading that next chapter or two. The action in this story starts quickly so you won’t have to turn many pages to be wrapped up in the adventure. Readers from the pacific northwest will especially enjoy the references to many familiar places. 


–Amazon reader review

When will there be another in the series? This series has wedged itself into my thoughts. The characters are diverse and well thought out. Plot twist keep you guessing. The only drawback that I see at this point is, I've ran out of Raven books. Looking forward to many more books in this series or spin offs.


—Amazon reader review

Best Raven book yet!  Adventure and a rich, complex character. Good read!


—Amazon reader review

Hunt by Moonlight

I’m a big fan of the author’s “Ravensblood” series, so when I saw that she had a new book out featuring steampunk, werewolves, and a murder mystery, I had to get my hands on it. I must say, it doesn’t disappoint! It’s a good, solid story with well-developed characters (my favorites are the high-born werewolf and his whip-smart, ahead-of-her-time wife), an intriguing mystery brought to a satisfying conclusion, and lots of action and twists. The author does an excellent job of integrating werewolves into Victorian English society in an interesting and non-cliched way (they’re the object of prejudice, but they’re still part of society). It’s clear she’s got more books planned featuring these characters, and I’ll be picking them up when they’re available. A Hunt by Moonlight is a great start to a new series.


–5-star review by best-selling author R L King

What if Queen Victoria and H.P. Lovecraft’s love child was raised by Arthur Conan Doyle? The result might be something like Shawna Reppert’s new detective fiction, the steampunk/paranormal/detective mashup genre known as gaslamp fantasy. Like steampunk, its alternate-history cousin, gaslamp fantasy is set in a Jules Verne world of Victorian steam powered wonders. But this world includes magic and fantasy elements, and often steps away from the steampunk promise of simplicity, romance, and cool design to showcase the grittier elements of the Victorian world.


–From a 5-star review by author Barb Taub

I loved the characters from the start. They don’t always do what I want them to, which make them that much more intriguing. The setting is amazingly detailed, helping me feel like I was really there. The relationships are fascinating. For readers looking for romantic elements, you’ll find only a hint or two of those. I felt like there was plenty, just enough to make the characters feel like fully developed human beings. Mostly this is a paranormal mystery, and an extremely enjoyable one. Highly recommended.


–Amazon reader review

I was pleasantly surprised at the mix of detective, paranormal and steampunk in this story. This is a murder mystery at heart, but there are some good action scenes and light moments interspersed.


–Amazon reader review

Brother to the Wolf

An entertaining and emotional journey  With a nod to the Robin Hood mythos, Brother to the Wolf weaves a tale about two men who start out as enemies and have to come to terms with their newly-discovered blood relationship. Their internal struggles are a reflection of the political environment, which at first shapes them, and eventually becomes shaped by them.

I love the way Shawna Reppert transports her readers into new and yet hauntingly familiar worlds, and then takes them on an entertaining and emotional journey. It's easy to become immersed in her stories and characters. Every time she introduces me to a new world of her creation, I can't help but want more. 


–Amazon reader review


A “hard to put down” book  This book puts you into the world of knights and damsels in distress. The descriptions make you feel like you are right there in the middle of the action. I stayed up way too late at night reading because I needed to find out what happens next. Another great offering by this author.

–Amazon reader review

Where Light Meets Shadow

An engaging read, with enjoyable characters! The two protagonists Kieran the bard and Alban the healer both face trials and real tests of character as they try to balance first duty and friendship, and then love and loyalty to their opposing clans; all the while trying to rediscover and master a magic that had been lost to legend long before they were born. Romeo and Juliet were impetuous teenagers who just didn’t think things through; Kieran and Alban aren’t anywhere near that shallow, and their angst is far more engaging to the reader because of it. And the fantasy world is brought closer to reality with Reppert’s skilled use of real-life medical issues and musical techniques. Her descriptions aren’t so in-depth that they threaten to bore the reader with excessive detail; instead, just enough is said to assure you that the author knows what she’s writing about. I wouldn’t mind another visit to this world of magic and music!

–Amazon reader review

. . . an engaging mix of fantasy and romance. . . . I really enjoyed this story. The back story and world building are carefully layered throughout, creating a nice degree of immersion without overwhelming the reader. The plot is intriguing, and Kieran’s dedication to his people is both admirable and ultimately heartbreaking. He is a stand out character—well written, and utterly believable in his motivations. Kieran’s friendship with Alban grows so slowly and sweetly that when they chose to become lovers, the moment is incredibly special, which is absolutely fitting to the story and the plot. It makes what happens next all the more difficult to read. I was emotionally invested in these two and wanted to see them have at least a chance at a happy ever after. Their special names for each other—every time they used them, I smiled. One of the sweetest romances I’ve read in a while.


–Amazon reader review


I found myself unable to put the book down as the climax neared. Overall an exciting read that I was sad to have come to an end.

–review by author Madison Keller

The Stolen Luck

From ( )


I love the fantasy genre and I’m picky when it comes to reading fantasy works by authors I don’t know because when I read a fantasy, I get so deeply entrenched in a new world and I don’t want to be disappointed. Shawna Reppert is a new author to me, and I’m so happy to have stumbled upon her debut novel, The Stolen Luck. It’s a beautifully written, adventurous story with wonderful and endearing characters set in a world that is lovely, riddled with darkness and deceit at the same time. I seriously loved this book. . .I’m impressed with the characters in this story. . . . their relationship is complicated. The development- from master/slave to friendship to more – is tension-filled, yet beautiful. And I loved every second of the confusion and frustration and angst that came before the sweetness. . .This is a world of elves and elven magic, of lords and ladies, of friends and foes. It’s a beautiful world that is aesthetically pleasing, but also has evil and danger lurking in the shadows. I have to say, the world building in this book is exceptional. A history that goes back centuries, a hidden kingdom of elves, the rules of the world, the magic, the bonding – it’s all perfectly detailed. I was drew in immediately, and by the end I was sad that I had to leave this world.. . .This is a well written piece full of adventure, tension, and a slow-burn romance. It full of twists, turns, and surprises. I was glued to this book from beginning to end. The plot is exciting and heartbreaking. It’s a fantastic read. If I were to judge by this debut novel, I would say that Shawna Reppert is an author to keep your eyes on. I look forward to seeing what she has coming up next. I’m crossing my fingers and hoping that maybe, hopefully Ashe might get a story someday. Highly recommended. ( )

I’ll be honest… when I read the first chapter on the author’s website, I was nervous. I know Shawna’s work and didn’t doubt her world-building, character development, or plotting for a moment, but the slavery dynamic was going to be a tough one to handle well in any case, but especially in the context of the romance genre. And icky power dynamics are a major squick for me.. . .I should not have doubted. While I would really place The Stolen Luck more in the fantasy category than in romance, the romance element is there, is complicated, and is handled superbly.. . .And that’s not to ignore the wonderfully consistent world-building, engaging character development, and thorough plotting. The Stolen Luck was so enthralling that I read it straight through in 6 hours and then was sorry I had, because I didn’t want to leave the characters so soon. And like another reviewer, I’m wishing for Ashe to get his own story some day!. . .Excellent!


—Amazon reader review

I received this book as an ARC through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. . .I was a bit apprehensive before I started this book. I saw the master/slave relationship between James and Loren I was afraid of how this might turn out. I am so glad that my fears turned out to be groundless. . . I liked the variety, and complexity of people. . . The politics both of the human, and Elven world are interesting, and it made for some compelling plot points. I liked that neither race was purely good or evil, and both humans and elves were fallible. The world is well developed, but without any sort of awkward information dumps. I was able to get a real sense of place, and society, and it added so much to the story. Overall a really well done fantasy story. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes a story about respect, honor, and the difficult choices people face. . . .


–Trixie, AKA Omnivoourous reader, at

. . .Had they fallen in love instantly, this story would not have been a fraction of what it is. While they are on the journey to recover the stolen Luck of the Dupree family, readers are taken on a journey of discovery, acceptance, forgiveness, and ultimately love. There were parts in this story where my heart literally ached for the characters, and the writing was so beautiful I stopped and reread phrases. . .I can usually guess at the endings as well, but the author did a masterful job of leaving me to think it was all hopeless until the last moment. I certainly hope Shawna Reppert writes more books like this, because if she does, I will most certainly be reading them.. . .I should warn you, be prepared to sit down and spend hours reading. You’re not going to want to get up. And you’re not going to want interruptions, either. I may or may not have yelled at a few people who interrupted my reading.


— Trixie, AKA Omnivoourous reader, at

Shawna is a world-builder, and The Stolen Luck gives you a taste of her skill right from the start. She cares for detail, painting a vivid image of the world in which James Dupree must find a way to regain the talisman on which his family’s fortunes hinge while struggling to stay true to his principles.. . .Even secondary characters spring to life, from the main villain (or is it villains?) to James’s mother and his overseer. And the suspense is there right up to the end . . .


---Amazon reader review

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