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Stand Alone Novels & Short Stories

Where Light Meets Shadow

where light meets shadow

The Scathlan elf Kieran journeys through mortal lands in search of new songs and tales to renew his people’s dying culture. His most cherished, most impossible hope is to rediscover the powers of bards from legend in order to wake the queen, in a stupor since the end of the war between his own people and the Leas elves.


Kieran accidentally wanders into Leas lands, and a fall from his horse leaves him injured and at the mercy of his enemies.


He discovers that the Leas are not entirely as he believed them to be. He develops a friendship with the Leas healer-prince, and the two work together to recreate an ancient technique for melding bardic and healing magic, a technique he secretly hopes will wake his queen.


As friendship deepens into love, will they find a way to heal the rift between Leas and Scathlan, or will the old enmity destroy them?

The Stolen Luck

How far will a good man go to save his home and loved ones?


Lord James Dupree must recover his family's stolen Luck, the elven talisman that has protected the Dupree lands for generations. Without the talisman, the Dupree vineyards are failing and creditors are closing in. The Luck is his only hope of saving his home and his family from poverty and ruin.


Despite his abhorrence of slavery, James wins an elven slave in a game of cards. The slave, Loren, provides the only chance to enter the Lands Between and recover the stolen Luck. Despite James's assurances and best intentions, Loren does not trust his new master and James finds it all too easy to slip into the role of slave master when Loren defies him.


As the two work together through hardship and danger, James finds himself falling in love with Loren. And when a hidden enemy moves against them, he must choose between his responsibility to his family and his own soul.

Brother to the Wolf


Two enemies with one shared father. Can they join in brotherhood to protect a nation from tyranny?


It’s been three generations since the Vainqueur invaders took Seaxland in a storm of blood and steel. Only a few Seax lords kept their titles, selling out their own king to the Vainqueur invaders.


Sir Gareth, Vainqueur knight, tainted by his mother’s half-Seax blood and rumored to be a bastard, will do whatever it takes to improve his position and keep his estate intact.


Worth Tiltonson, Seax lord’s son and Gareth’s secret half-brother, is haunted by the knowledge of what his family did to keep their title and lands. He has vowed to use the remnants of their power to protect his people.


The inevitable clash between the two brothers leaves Worth outlawed and an injured Gareth swearing revenge. But when Gareth is betrayed by the baron he serves, Worth and Gareth must work together to stop the men who want to kill the Vainqueur crown prince who is Seaxland’s only hope of peace. But when Gareth is betrayed by the baron he serves, Worth and Gareth must work together to stop the men who want to kill the Vainqueur crown prince who is Seaxland’s only hope of peace.

Short Stories

The Three Tunes

Three Tunes Cover

Three stories about the power of music. Three musicians whose lives are forever changed by three very different supernatural beings.


The Devil Went Down to Reichenbach-- How Sherlock Holmes really survived Reichenbach Falls.


Coyote's Tune-- A burned-out Irish traditional flute player rediscovers the joy in music-- with a little help from Coyote.


Wild Music-- a harpist discovers that succeeding at her art requires more than just hard work and determination.


The Three Tunes is a collection of three short stories-- about 3000 words total.

We Don't Serve Your Kind

We Don’t Serve Your Kind

A story of hatred, friendship and fairies.


A fairy walks into a bar. Paddy of Paddy's Shamrock Shores suspects things will never be the same. But for good or ill? After all, his first and last encounter with the fay did not go well.


Contemporary fantasy, about 5400 words.

The Red Pencil

A young girl learns to be careful what she wishes for. . .and as an adult decides that some things are worth the cost. Contemporary fantasy by an award-winning author.


Although this story is inspired in part by the author’s childhood in Pennsylvania and her Pennsylvania Dutch heritage, it is contemporary fantasy/magical realism, not memoir. The magic in the book is entirely the author’s invention, although inspired by archetypes from several cultures. It is in no way meant to represent the Pennsylvania Dutch hex tradition.


Also includes as a special bonus the first three chapters of the award-winning novel Ravensblood.

The Sword and the Kestrel

Can a Renn-Faire falconer break an ancient family curse and make peace with the Lord of Forests?

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