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Holiday 2017 Newsletter

Feeling pretty seasonal at the moment listening to Whitethorn Crossing rehearse holiday carols and sipping hot, spiced cider laced with whiskey underneath light-up solstice ravens. (Yes, the ravens are my fault and yes, they started out as Halloween decorations.) Anyway, my friends will be occupied with making music for a while, so it felt like a good time to write my holiday newsletter.

I’ve been working hard at getting the next in the Werewolves and Gaslight Mysteries series done. My stretch goal is to have it out for you by late Spring. For those of you he missed the Here Be Magic multi-author boxed set, the novella Raven’s Song will be available as a stand-alone as soon as the cover artist gets me the cover. (We’re tentatively talking February.)

The website has been given a small facelift. Under the Ravensblood tab there is now a page title Ravensblood Miscellany were you will find links to vignettes, letters, etc., written in that universe, sometimes as guest blogs on other sites.

Meanwhile, in keeping with my tradition of holiday gifts for my readers. I am giving away a two-pack of flash (short-short) fiction in the Ravensblood universe. Duet for Ravens is available through instafreebie at  It will ask you to sign up for the newsletter, but don’t worry. You can ‘sign up’ even if you’re already on the list, and the list automatically filters so you won’t get two newsletters to the same email address.

Also, for those of you who have not yet read Ravensblood, the Kindle version will be free on Amazon from solstice through Christmas (12/21 through 12/25). If you already have Ravensblood, this is a great opportunity to introduce your friends to the series. Remember that good word-of-mouth is the best gift you can give a writer!

Finally, because I love to search out bargains for readers, here is another multi-author bonanza featuring free science fiction and fantasy fiction plus a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift certificate! The bonanza is officially over on 12/17, but the links will be active through the end of the month.

Stay warm, enjoy lots of good food and drink, and if you have a holiday this time of year, may it be a merry one!

P.S. for local (Portland, OR) folks: The awesome new Celtic/classical fusion band Whitethorn Crossing will be playing carols at the Pittock Mansion from 2-4 P.M. on 12/17 and 12/27. The mansion will be decorated beautifully for the holidays and music is free with admission. The band includes Mike and Julie Zamudio, who locals may have heard playing my book launch parties.

Orycon Shedule and Special

Schedule for Shawna Reppert
Orycon 39
Moderator is in bold

 I will also be at the NIWA Meet -and-Greet on Saturday at 11 AM and will drop in at the NIWA party Saturday night. There will be signed copies of my books for sale at the NIWA table in the dealer’s room. Hope to see you there! (For those who can’t go to the con, or even if you can, check out Amazon for a week-long  $.99 sale on the Ravensblood boxed set beginning 11/16 at 8 AM Pacific!
Short Stories that Promote Your Work Pendleton Fri Nov 17 12:00pm-1:00pm Some authors write short stories to promote their work by introducing their setting, a backstory for a character, or some other device. What works and doesn’t work, and how to develop short story ideas that will entice readers to the rest of your books while maintaining enough of a standalone feeling to attract editors that acquire short fiction. Shawna Reppert, David Levine, Elton Elliott, Ann Gimpel, Mary Rosenblum
Endings: Cuddling with the Reader Pendleton Fri Nov 17 3:00pm-4:00pm You’ve just blown your reader’s mind with your story’s climax. Make sure they’ll come back for more–give them a good denouement! Irene Radford, Dale Ivan Smith, Esther Jones, Ann Gimpel, Leigh Goodison, Shawna Reppert
Fantasy as Political Allegory Pendleton Fri Nov 17 9:00pm-10:00pm We live in “interesting times” for sure. How does the Fantasy genre speak to current events? The Vorkosigan series, The Others series by Anne Bishop, and the Discworld books of course. What else? K.G. (Karen) Anderson, Marshall Ryan Maresca, Craig English, Shawna Reppert
Backstory: Too Much, Too Little, Just Right Pendleton Sat Nov 18 4:00pm-5:00pm What to use, what to lose, and how to deliver a great backstory without losing the readers that want to read about the here and now right now. Shawna Reppert, Kristin Landon, Mary Rosenblum, Randy Henderson, Sheila Finch
Ghost in the Vegan Bar Lion Kings Den – 266 Sat Nov 18 8:00pm-9:00pm The Pacific Northwest is known for our haunted spots. Where are they? What are their stories? Where is the “proof”? Tori Centanni, Shawna Reppert, K. M. Alexander
How to Write a Series Pendleton Sun Nov 19 12:00pm-1:00pm Where to start, and how long of a series you can (or should?) write. How to make it interesting, different, and hopefully successful, and stay in love with it. John A Pitts, Randy Henderson, David Levine, Shawna Reppert, Sheila Simonson, Dean Wells

Samhain Greetings from Samhain-kitty

Samhain-kitty hopes everyone is enjoying 'her" holiday.

Posted by Shawna Reppert on Dienstag, 31. Oktober 2017

Greetings, neglected readers, from a fellow-sufferer. Would you believe that writer-person went out to hear Irish music and left me all alone on *my* holiday? So I guess it falls to me to call your attention to a cool list of spooky seasonal books in the fantasy, steampunk and paranormal genres, plus a chance to win e-books, print books, and a $70 Amazon gift certificate. Check it out!

Also, while you’ve got your spooky on, I have to admit A Hunt by Moonlight, writer-person’s dark and atmospheric gaslamp fantasy, isn’t bad. Not enough felis catus and too much canis lupus, IMHO, but it’s otherwise a good start to her Werewolves and Gaslight Mysteries. (Don’t tell her I said so)


Early September update

The book launch machine is rolling steadily onward. Raven’s Vow is now available for pre-order on Amazon. The special .99 introductory price is only going to last through the first week after release, so don’t forget to buy early and tell your friends! I’m still waiting for the print-version cover, but we should still be on target to have print books available for the official release date of 9/23.

Speaking of the release, we have a great book release party planned, and everyone’s invited. Food once again by the amazing Ebon Morse, the culinary artist responsible for the Victorian tea that launched A Hunt by Moonlight. Irish trad/classical fusion music by Mike and Julie Zamudio of Otter Crossing, possibly with a few extra guests. An even better raffle for door prizes. 4-6 pm on 9/23, 8125 SW Spruce Street, Tigard. No cover. Bring a friend or two.

Wherever you are, you can be part of the release by joining the Thunderclap campaign. Thunderclap is a free and easy way to support a writer. Simply follow the link by 9/22 and, with a few short clicks, you can arrange to have this promo post go out on your Twitter, Facebook, and/or Tumblr feed on 9/23 (“New release in an award-winning urban fantasy series! Take advantage of .99 intro pricing.”) Early word-of-mouth is key to a novel’s success, so please take a moment to help.

For those who want to read a little Ravensblood backstory while you wait, Duet for Ravens, a two-pack of short prequels, is available for free over at Instafreebie. Since it also includes teaser chapters for Ravensblood, it wouldn’t be a bad way to introduce friends to the series.

In other news, I am September’s Featured author on the Northwest Independent Writer’s Association website. In the brief article, I talk a little bit about writing Raven’s Vow. Samhain-kitty took over my blog post for the month at Here Be Magic. And, lest my other work be eclipsed by the Raven’s Vow excitement, let me just say that I am very pleased and proud that A Hunt By Moonlight won a silver medal for historical fantasy in the Global Ebook Awards.

Shawna’s Novel News– Free Books Edition

First of all, I would like to apologize to my readers who have been waiting patiently (or not-so-patiently) for the next book in one or both series. While I try my best to not let the non-writing parts of my life to interfere with the writing parts, sometimes life gets the better of me. The good news is that Raven’s Vow is off to my beta reader (best-selling author R. L. King) and, after another round of revision, will be off to the editor. The cover artist is hard at work and I’m excited to see what she comes up with. I’m hoping now for a late August/early September release.

Meanwhile, I’ve started work on the yet-unnamed second book in the Werewolves and Gaslight Mysteries. More dark happenings on the streets of Victorian London! And for those of you who didn’t read The Beast Within in the Gears and Levers 2 anthology, I released it recently as a stand-alone. This short story was the very beginning of the Werewolves and Gaslight universe. If you were curious about how Richard and Catherine got together, this story is for you! You can buy it on Amazon or, through June only, you can claim it for free from Instafreebie.

Speaking of Instafreebie, right now over a bunch of great authors have banded together to create the SFF Bonanza! Over 100 science fiction and fantasy books to choose, absolutely free (The author of the works you choose may request or require you to sign up for their newsletter.) Hopefully you can find some things you like that will keep you busy until Raven’s Vow comes out!


instafreebie promo graphic

Ad Hoc Q&A

@ShadowhunterBooks posed some questions to me this weekend via Twitter that I knew I couldn’t answer in 140 characters, so I decided it was timer to return to much much-neglected blog.

The first question was whether witches existed in my Ravensblood series and how they differed from mages. Witches, AKA Wiccans, do exist in the alternate-universe world I’ve created for that urban fantasy series. Those familiar with the series will recall that I have imagined three coexisting and co-mingling communities: Art, Craft, and Mundane. Mundanes have either no aptitude for or interest in magic. Art is High Magic, magic for magic’s sake, and tends to be flashier and in some senses more powerful, and its practitioners are mages. Craft encompasses more spiritual, often more nature-based magical traditions. Craft would include Wiccans, shamanic practitioners, and (more rarely) certain more mystical sects of Judeo-Christian and Muslim traditions. Mother Crone is a Wiccan, and she and other Craft practitioners helped hide Raven while he was clearing his name during the second book of the series. Art and Craft seldom mix, although there have been instances of the two being blended, and we will see that happen again in later books in the series.

@ShadowhunterBooks also asked for advice on how to incorporated magical beings and pirates into fiction written in a contemporary setting. You see a lot of examples of different approaches to adding in magical beings in urban fantasy and paranormal novels. It’s really not too tricky. You just need to decide what the parameters are during your world-building stage and make certain that you stay consistent. Some questions to ask yourself: Are your magical beings widely known to exist, or are most humans completely unaware? If the former, is this a recent development (as in Charlaine Harris’s vampire novels), or have people always known (as in my Werewolves and Gaslight series—okay, Victorian and not contemporary but the same principle)? Each choice you make has its own benefits and drawbacks.

Pirates are a bit trickier. I’m assuming you want romantic, swashbuckling pirates a la Errol Flynn or Johnny Depp, not modern Somali cutthroats. Since the swashbuckler is so necessarily tied to a certain era and technology level, you have your work cut out for you. Some possibilities that spring to mind: Time-travel of one form or another? Ghost pirates that exist to modern-day? Maybe members of a theatrical troupe that are magically turned into their roles? Immortal former swashbucklers now playing a pirate role at a Renn Faire? Beings from another world or dimension that have a pirate obsession and take cosplay too far?

I’m curious to see what @ShadowhunterBooks comes up with. I do love my pirates.

Yuletide greetings and a Gift

Greetings, all!


Joyous Yule, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah—whatever you celebrate, have a good one.

It’s been a little less than half a year since I dig a blog post (confession time: I forgot my password). In that time, A Hunt by Moonlight (first novel in the new Werewolves and Gaslight series) spent some time in the top 100 for steampunk on Amazon, We Don’t Serve Your Kind (an old release, but one of my favorites) hit the #2 spot for science fiction and fantasy short reads during a special promotion week, and Ravensblood spent some time in the Featured Author section at Powell’s City of Books.

I’ve been working on the latest book in the Ravensblood universe. I’m a bit behind due to some Real World challenges, but hopefully you can look for Raven’s Vow sometime this spring and the next Werewolves and Gaslight book in the autumn.

Meantime, for any of you who have not yet picked up Ravensblood for Kindle, it’s free on Amazon from now through Christmas. Raven’s Wing and Raven’s Heart are on sale for .99 during that period. Tell all your friends!

New Series; More Awards!

The biggest news is that A Hunt by Moonlight, the first book in my Werewolves and Gaslight mystery series witl be available on Amazon on August 27.  Preorder now!

About the book:

Something more deadly than werewolves is stalking the gaslit streets of London. Inspector Royston Jones, unacknowledged bastard of a high-born family, is determined to track the killer before more young women fall to his knife. But his investigation puts him in the way of a lord who is a clandestine werewolf and the man’s fiancée , a woman alchemist with attitude and a secret of her own. Will they destroy Royston to protect their covert identities, or will they join with him to hunt the hunter?


Book Launch Party!

For local fans, or anyone in the mood for a road trip, there will be a Victorian Tea and Book Launch.

There will be live music by Otter Crossing Music and refreshments catered by the amazing Ebon Morse. I will be reading from the new novel and signing any of my books. (There will, of course, be books for sale!) No cover. (There will be  an extra teapot for strictly optional cash donations to cover food costs.)

Free raffle for door prizes.

Period costumes admired but not required!

I would love to see you there!


Join the Thunderclap to support the launch!


OK, this has got to be the easiest, most painless way ever to support an author, but it can make *such* a difference! I’m sure most of you have heard me prattling on about my upcoming release.

A Hunt by Moonlight is the first novel of my new Werewolves and Gaslight mystery series. My first series (the ongoing Ravensblood urban fantasy series) and my two stand-alone novels have won awards and gotten great reviews and slowly increasing sales, but my editor thinks A Hunt By Moonlight could be my breakout novel. . .if I can get those all-important early sales.

No money involved, and you don’t even have to write your own tweet or remember when to post it! Sign up, and on release day Thunderclap will send out the tweet, Facebook and/or Tumblr message for you.

The catch is, Thunderclap won’t send out any tweets at all unless at least 100 people sign up. Please consider giving this novel a howl of support!

Just click below any time between now and launch day to

Support the Thunderclap!

Raffle for Launch-day purchasers!

Since first-day sales are so important to Amazon rankings, I am running a special raffle for people who purchase through Amazon on launch day(8/27) (or who have pre-ordered). Simply send me a screen capture of your Amazon purchase (or, if you prefer, forward your purchase confirmation email) to mail(at)


Winner will receive his/her choice of a signed copy of any of my novels except The Stolen Luck (because that one is not available in paperback. Although it you would prefer that one in Kindle or audio format, I can do that, too. I’m flexible.)


Void where prohibited; will ship within the US only unless winner agrees to pay shipping costs.


Global Ebook Award success!!!

My other bit of news, second only to the launch of the new series:  I am pleased and proud to announce that Raven’s Heart won a gold medal in the Global Ebook awards in the category of contemporary fantasy and Where Light Meets Shadow won a silver!



Valentine’s Day Special Feature– A Letter Raven Never Sent from Australia

I ran this originally as part of last year’s Here Be Magic Valentine’s Day celebration. But for those of you who missed it (or who want to read it again and forgot to bookmark it), this is the letter that Raven never sent from Australia during the events of Raven’s Wing.


My dearest Cassandra,
I never thought it possible to miss someone so much that it became a physical pain. It is, perhaps, one of the reasons I yielded when you refused to renounce me, though I know I could drive you away if I truly wanted to. The truth is, I could not bear it, even though it is in your best interests. I love you, and in that love I am far more selfish than ever I was in my days as a soulless dark mage.
I love you. Though I do not say it often, I trust that you know me well enough to know that it is simple truth. Even though I will never post this letter, with its ridiculous, maudlin sentiment.
I know that you have not given up on a life together, and your hope keeps me sane even when I cannot share it.
If I do not speak the words, it is only because I find them inadequate.

Love forever,
Your Raven.

Book Launch Events

So excited!  The third book in my award-winning Raven’s Heart series is launching Saturday, 2/6! And there’s going to be not one , but two
book launch parties!


The live party will be at Fanno Creek Brewpub because we all had such a great time there on the last two launches. (Note the time change. The party will be from 7-9 rather than 6-8).
Details of live event: Saturday, February 6, from 7-9 PM

Fanno Creek Brew Pub 12562 SW Main St, Tigard, Oregon 97223

The last two were so much fun. we’re doing another one! Local author Shawna Reppert will be reading from Raven’s Heart, the newest novel in her award-winning Ravensblood series! Urban fantasy set in an alternate-universe version of the Pacific Northwest!

Book signing! Meet the author! Free raffle for great door prizes! Plus live Irish trad/classical fusion tunes from Otter Crossing Music!

No-host bar and food. Fanno Creek is once again giving us the use of their meeting room for free, so please patronize them. (Plus it’s tasty pub food at good prices.)

Note this is a public event, so bring anyone you want and let all your friends know!

Link to the online party: Again, this is open to all, so spread the word! There will also be fun games and prizes, including copies of my books and books from other fantasy authors, and an Android HD tablet! Amazon best-selling urban fantasy author R L King will be dropping in sometime in the first half of the party. Authors Angela Korra’ti and E. M. Prazeman will keep things lively during the hours when the online party overlaps with the ‘live’ version.

Hope you will join me at one or both events!