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Published May 20, 2013 | By Shawna

Hi! Samhain-the-cat here. I’m really not allowed on my writer-person’s computer (I tell you, I spill *one* glass of fizzy brown stuff on a keyboard *one* time, and I’m banished forever. The woman is a hysterical lunatic.) Anyway, she is relaxing with a book and a glass of port after her drive back from the coast, so I thought I’d sneak on while I can.

Though I don’t know why she needs to relax. She abandoned me for two whole days to visit friends on the coast. Friends with a big, stupid, slobbery dog. And what’s so great about the coast, anyway? Bunch of gritty stuff like what’s in my litter box and a whole lot of water that *moves*.

So, while she’s ignoring me again, I thought I’d let you know what I learned while doing her bloody research for her. Since her steampunk novel-in-progress has way too much in the way of werewolves and too few cats, I thought I’d help her by looking up some information about cats in Victorian England.

It turns out that Victorians were crazy about cats. Went hand-in-hand with their interest in Egyptology. (Ancient Egypt, of course, being the only place in himan history where cats were given proper acknowledgement. In other words, worshipped as gods.) Queen Victoria was co-owned by two cats, and the first cat shows were held during her reign. Even the poorest in the slums had cats, reportedly better-fed than the people they lived with because of the abundance of rodents.

Clearly the Victorians had achieved a higher level of civilization than their counterparts in the Middle Ages, where cats were associated with Satan, often tormented, and sometimes burned to death with their owners. I must say–


Oops, Shawna here. Sorry, Samhain knows she’s not allowed on the computer. Apologies to dogs, dog lovers, and anyone else she might have offended.

One Response to Catitude

That’s cats for you! NO respect for above the floor surfaces. But hey, at least they don’t drool on the keyboard, Unlike Australian shepherds. But then again, as long as I don’t actually throw the keyboard, Australian Shepherds could care less about it.

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