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Samhain-kitty Here (again)

Samhain-kitty Here (again)

Published July 13, 2015 | By Shawna

So, the writer-person has been talking incessantly about a launch date.  I’m worried that she has developed delusions of being an astronaut.

So while she’s out at some pub listening to live Irish music (she says she works on her writing while she’s there–likely story) I’m sneaking on to share her shameful secret  While she claims to be too busy to update her blog, dear readers, she has been cheating on you with other blogs.

Yes, I know how it feels.  I feel the same way she goes away for hours, sometimes days, and comes back smelling of other animals.

You don’t want to believe, I know.  But here’s proof:

The Sacred Marriage in Fantasy

Urban Fantasy: Fairytales for Today

Declaration of Indie-pendence

And a podcast, too!


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