Werewolves and Gaslight Series

A Hunt by Moonlight

Hunt by Moonlight

Something more deadly than werewolves is stalking the gaslit streets of London. Inspector Royston Jones, unacknowledged bastard of a high-born family, is determined to track the killer before more young women fall to his knife. But his investigation puts him in the way of a lord who is a clandestine werewolf and the man’s fiancée , a woman alchemist with attitude and a secret of her own. Will they destroy Royston to protect their covert identities, or will they join with him to hunt the hunter?

Moon Over London

Moon Over London - FINAL with text - dar

Werewolves are disappearing from the gaslit streets of London. Are they being  murdered? Kidnapped?

Few beyond the ’wolves’ own families notice, they’re missing, and fewer still care. With the aid of a clandestine toff werewolf and a lady alchemist with attitude, Inspector Royston Jones is determined to protect all those who dwell in his city. But his superiors are indifferent, the werewolf community suspicious, and he has too few leads and too many suspects—including his estranged uncle. Only one thing is certain—unless he can solve the mystery, more ’wolves will be taken every time the full moon rises.

Short Fiction

The Beast Within

The Beast Within - Shawna Reppert - 800

In a world of steam cars and werewolves, a Victorian gentleman attempts to court an eccentric and independent female alchemist while protecting his dark secret. But when a mysterious killer targets his love, saving Catherine's life becomes more important than winning her heart.


This short story by an award-winning writer is a prequel to the best-selling novel A Hunt By Moonlight (Book 1 of the Werewolves and Gaslight Mysteries) and contains as a special bonus a short teaser from that novel.


The Beast Within originally appeared in the anthology Gears and Levers 2 edited by Phyllis Irene Radford (Sky Warrior Books)